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Welcome to OUR PLACE where we share our passions of custom knife designs and accessories.
My name is Kenneth George and I am a custom knife maker. Most days I’d rather be making knives than anything else.  Since owning my own Hard Milling business, I didn’t think it could get any better until I brought my wife Elizabeth, a highly versatile artist, on board and created our new knife company called “KEG KNIVES”. 
Together we make a great team.  Married, working together, parents of a beautiful daughter, enjoying life as we craft our passions.  Side by side we design, create and build high quality knives and everyday accessories. All of our products are made here in the USA.  Although we love to travel, Wisconsin is where we were born and raised and still live today.
We spend most of what’s left of our time exploring the great outdoors enjoying all of nature’s bounty.  Our adventures have sparked enthusiasm and led us into developing knife designs, tools and accessories that we have found to be a perfect fit for us on our outdoor adventures.
My entire career has been focused around machining metal.  I’m a Tool and Die Journeyman, 3-D Modeler, CNC Programmer and Hard Milling Specialist - business owner.
For the past few years, in our spare time, we have been making Integral Fixed Blade Hunting knives and Ball Bearing EDC Folding Flipper Knives for friends and family.   Recently we decided to start sharing our work with Knife enthusiasts and the Great Outdoor Adventurist community.
We look forward to sharing more designs and new products with you as we are creating them.





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